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Viktoria Belikov||Dhampir||

Viktoria thinks her life is completely boring, she is the wallpaper of her family, and the youngest of her three siblings; Karolina always being the center of attention, Sonya always being the mature one, and Dimitri had become the god of the siblings since he had become a guardian, but Viktoria always thought that if Dimitri could he would be a cowboy off riding on a horse somewhere. She has always lived in Baia, Russia, until now when her mother decides that she should got to school to be like her older brother Dimitri and become a guardian. Viktoria doesn’t want to be a guardian, because then she would lose any chance of ever having fun or falling in love, but she did it, never wanting to say no and upset her mother. Her dream was originally to find a nice Moroi guy and live with him, having children and just be happy.

 Several years after Dimitri had left her family, she was invited to go to St. Vladimir’s, and grabbed the chance, hoping to find an attractive Moroi guy to fall in love with and live our her dreams of having children.